Did Dez catch it? We may find out from the man himself sometime soon.

On Sunday, the former Dallas Cowboys star receiver teased production of a possible documentary about “The Catch” and his contract talks in 2014. Bryant deleted the tweet not long after, but it certainly got the social media world stirring. Dez knows how to get the people going!

In the tweet, Bryant also mentioned that he would discuss the contract talks that occurred that year between himself and the Cowboys. It would give fans and media an inside look at the negotiations.

Keep in mind – those negotiations were during and followed Dez’s best season of his career. From 2012-2014, he had at least 1200 receiving yards and 12+ touchdowns every season. He was due quite the payday, even if his next few seasons in Dallas weren’t as elite.

In 2018, the NFL even acknowledged that, based on the rules, it was a catch by Dez. That ruling only came about four years too late for Dallas and their fans. That totally helps though, right Cowboys fans?

I’m sure Bryant is itching to give his full input on the play. Who could blame him? It is one of the most known, controversial plays in recent history. He’s mentioned on social media previously about his belief that it was a catch but did not go too in-depth.

Cowboys and NFL fans alike have always debated the catch, so there is no doubt that he would have some strong feelings on it as well.

Even though the timeline or likelihood of the documentary is unknown, we all know one thing. Bryant and co. would certainly make it an exciting watch.


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