This week was a difficult one by no stretch of the imagination.

It seems trivial now, but the Dallas Mavericks opened the week with a loss to the Portland Trailblazers on Sunday.

With two days off in-between games, Mavs fans waited for what promised to be an exciting matchup with the Detroit Pistons. The game never happened. And what transpired instead, was a snowstorm unlike any other in recent memory.

The grim reality:

With temperatures dropping, and snow falling, many across the Dallas area turned on the heat.

The sudden surge in needed power caused electricity grids across the state to shut down. To cope with the power outages communities attempted rolling blackouts, and Texas’ government declared a state of emergency. In the background of all the events, Mavericks games faced postponements.

And then there was another.

Temperatures prevented the games from taking place, but it didn’t stop me from thinking about what it may have looked like if the Mavs weren’t frozen in place. Would Luka Doncic continue the offensive hot streak? Would Kristaps Porzingis find the consistency he has coveted all season? How does Rick Carlisle manage to get the most out of his rotation?

All questions I hoped to answer this week. Nature quickly changed that.

A new perspective:

The Mavericks haven’t played basketball in nearly a week, and it’s no fault of their own. But the unexpected hiatus allowed time for a reminder of how much this Dallas team means to the city and community.

The Mavericks are a rallying cry. They give the people of Dallas something real to cheer for. A Luka Doncic three unites individuals of differing pathways in adulation. A Porzingis dunk brings awe to people of varying backgrounds.

Basketball is a universal language.

What the Mavericks built here in Dallas, is organic. It’s real.

The past week hasn’t been easy on any of us. In fact, it’s been far from it, but I look forward to when Dallas basketball is back so we can all speak the same language again.

The Mavs have a funny way of making bad situations better in the community just by playing a children’s game. So here is hoping the bad weather is behind us, and a Mavs win-streak is ahead.

The snowstorm of a lifetime may have deviated plans in the Dallas area, but it sure as hell can’t break our spirits.

Feature image via Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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