You know the NFL Draft is close when “reports” like this start being put out every day. Recently, a rumor has started to gain steam on Dallas Cowboys’ social media on the team being interested in the Atlanta Falcons’ fourth overall pick. Should Cowboys Nation take it seriously?

The short answer has to be a flat no.

First of all, there’s not even a reliable report. Although CBS Sports has been cited as the origin for the rumor, Mike Fisher from Cowboys Maven has tried to shed some light on the situation:

“A tweet from an account called “NFL Rumors” cites “CBS Sports” as the origin. But we can’t find CBS Sports mentioning any such thing.”

But beyond the report’s legitimacy, there are other reasons why the Cowboys making such a jump wouldn’t make sense. The first three picks in the Draft will all be quarterbacks. That much we know for certain after the San Francisco 49ers traded up to #3.

With five potential first-round quarterbacks, though, the fourth overall pick could yield great returns for the Falcons if they’re interested in trading down. Chances are a team that’s looking for Trey Lance, Justin Fields, or Mac Jones will pay more for the fourth overall pick than the Cowboys would.

Which brings us to the question, who would the Cowboys trade up for?

Only two names would make sense if you ask me. Tight End Kyle Pitts and Offensive Tackle Penei Sewell. Pitts’ draft stock continues to rise as he’s acknowledged by most as the second-best prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft behind QB Trevor Lawrence. For the Dallas Cowboys, drafting Pitts would help make them the best offense in the NFC.¬†

In Daniel Jeremiah’s latest Mock Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals land the super tight end at 5. Recently, reports emerged on Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones being “infatuated” with Pitts. Maybe that’s what caused such a rumor to start in the first place. Right now, it feels like there’s no way Pitts falls to the Cowboys unless they trade up.

Maybe the Dallas Cowboys do pick up the phone and ask the price for the Falcons’ pick. Adam Schefter recently reported Atlanta was open to moving out of that spot. Doing their homework wouldn’t hurt the Cowboys.

However, moving up from #10 seems unlikely for the Dallas Cowboys. Despite having four picks in the Top 100, Dallas might wait until late in the first round or until Day 2 to make any sort of move up.

On the other hand, if a quarterback or even an offensive tackle unexpectedly falls, the Dallas Cowboys might find a partner to trade down. But if I had to make a bet, they’ll be picking at 10.

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