The Dallas Cowboys found out the hard way that they needed to improve their backup quarterback situation in 2020. Although one can argue Andy Dalton should do a better job under better circumstances than the ones he faced last season, he’s now a Chicago Bear. With Garrett Gilbert and Ben DiNucci on the roster, the Cowboys should be looking to upgrade. Gardner Minshew might be the man they’ve been looking for.

By now, the Cowboys have hosted Jeff Driskel – who ended up signing with the Houston Texans – and Brett Hundley. Yet, the Cowboys seemingly passed on both. The free agency market presents virtually no clear upgrades which could push the front office to the trade market.

Minshew’s name has been thrown around since Thursday morning as a result of his absence from OTAs.

Although Gardner Minshew is not the quarterback we were led to believe during the so-called “Minshew Mania” from 2019, he’s a solid backup option for the Cowboys. Minshew has more experience than Garrett Gilbert and Ben DiNucci.

Minshew is a backup quarterback with a high floor with a very favorable contract situation. His cap hit for the 2021 season is under $1 million and his deal runs through 2022. Although Minshew would probably struggle if asked to play an extended period of time, if asked to step in for only a few games for the Dallas Cowboys, he’d be playing with the best offense of his career.

Minshew, 25-years-old, could probably go for a 2022 Day 3 draft pick. Playing in an unpredictable division, every game counts. If the Cowboys believe he’s an upgrade at QB2, they shouldn’t hesitate to pay such a price.

Of course, there a few issues to consider. The first of which is how the Cowboys’ front office feels about Gilbert and DiNucci. Considering how they’ve handled backup quarterbacks in the past and the fact that they didn’t sign Driskel or Hundley, they might be higher on their guys than the rest of us are.

Then, as Patrik Walker pointed out on Twitter, we have to wonder what Minshew’s relationship is like with Ben McAdoo. The Cowboys recently hired the former Jaguars’ QB coach and former Giants’ HC as a consultant.

Although the Cowboys believe in his potential, Ben DiNucci would have to improve a lot since last year to be considered a solid backup quarterback. And as for Garrett Gilbert, we shouldn’t make much out of his game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Dallas Cowboys should absolutely continue their search for a better backup quarterback. And if Minshew becomes available, they should give the Jaguars a call.

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