Stand up, uniform fanatics! The NFL just made one of their best decisions in a long time. It isn’t anything involving actual gameplay, either. It’s about the threads. According to reports, teams will now be able to once again wear alternate helmets with their alternate, Color Rush, or throwback uniforms. Yes, that means the Cowboys can bring back the beloved white helmets to make some really cool uniform combos.

For years, the pushback on this has been due to perceived player safety. The league wanted all helmets to be uniform across the league to prevent any technicality differences between different helmet designs. No team was allowed to modify their helmet throughout the season.

That is no longer the case as the league is loosening up on the requirements. According to Pro Football Talk, the alternate helmets will be the exact same model and size as the players’ primary helmets. All of the sizing will occur in training camp. The new rule will go into effect in 2022.

The NFL wants to make sure that there is no difference between the helmets being used on a week-to-week basis.

For Dallas, this could get really exciting for many players and fans who miss their complete throwback sets. They’ll be able to bring back the full uniform that many Cowboys fans grew up seeing on the field.

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Plus, there will be brand new uniform combos from every team. We could see alternate helmets used with jerseys we have never seen before. For example, the Cowboys’ modern alternate jerseys with the white alternate helmet could actually be a regular occurrence!

Expect the Color Rush uniforms to be implemented with the alternate helmets at times as well. The Cowboys will surely take advantage of some new additions in the rotation to add some flair to their classic uniforms. We could even see them bring back multiple throwback jerseys to go with the white helmet…

Regardless, the classic alternates will never get old for many Dallas fans.

Are you excited for this rule change? Are you indifferent to it? Do you despise it for some reason?

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